As Sugar Gliders become more and more popular as household pets, it also becomes increasingly important that new owners have a TRULY independent source where they can get OBJECTIVE information.

Unlike ANY other website, chatroom or message-board dedicated to Sugar Gliders, the North American Sugar Glider Association™ (NASGA™) “sells” NOTHING – directly or indirectly to our members. We also do not accept ”links” or advertisements of any kind.

Sugar Gliders can make wonderful pets, but like any animal, they are not for everyone. As such, our only goal is to provide potential new owners with CREDIBLE information they can use to make the BEST possible decision for their families.


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  Here's some random info we thought was a lot of fun. For instance,  
  did you know that...    
  • Sugar Gliders are marsupials, the same family as kangaroos and koala bears.
  • Since they are marsupials, female Sugar Gliders have a pouch on their belly where they raise their babies for two and a half months after they are born.
  • Male Sugar Gliders go bald! Actually, they just have one bald spot on their head, which is really a scent gland.
  • Sugar Gliders can glide up to 45 meters (148.5 ft.) and can even catch moths while they glide?
  • Because of the way Sugar Gliders stand up and make loud noises to intimidate potential predators, they are sometimes called Sugar Bears?
  • Sugar Gliders' hands AND feet each have four fingers and opposable thumbs
  • Sugar Gliders' fingers and toes are sharp like hooks. This lets them hook onto lots of surfaces (as long as they aren't too slick!).

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